How to start your own HYIP

How to start your own HYIP

What is HYIP

Firstly, you need to know what is HYIP. HYIP is high yield investment program in abbreviation. These programs offer high percentage of profit in terms of your investments. HYIP admins can take investors money and use it to forex or crypto exchange or any other businesses to earn from it and share a portion with the investors. This is how HYIP runs. There are so many scammers around that create a HYIP and take money and then run out from the market. You could earn a lot from HYIP if you follow proper strategy.

Earning from HYIP website

You could earn a hefty amount of money if you follow expert strategies. We can understand these amount from our clients. Eniv Art is complete HYIP solution provider. So we know very well about earning of a HYIP website. A HYIP website’s earnings will depend on various things. We can talk about it more briefly on a later post. But for now, let me give you a glance. If you start a short term HYIP (plans are like, 105% After 1 day), you could possibly earn around $5k to $20k depending on your initial investment and strategy. 

Steps to create a HYIP

Creating HYIP is not so easy if you are a beginner. You must have minimum $1000 to start your HYIP. Firstly, a HYIP website need a template, a manager script, domain, hosting, ssl and proper strategic marketing, company incorporation certificate, ev ssl. HYIP template is the front look of yoru HYIP, so it is the main front tool to attract your investors. A professional and unique HYIP template is very important to attract and build trust investors. You can get a premium and unique HYIP template from ENIV ART HYIP TEMPLATE DESIGN service. Our pricing starts from $499 for a HYIP template. We will design and build the template within 5 to 10 days.

Secondly, after the hyip template, you need to have a HYIP Manager script. There are many HYIP scripts around there in the market. Most popular HYIP script is Goldcoders HYIP Manager. Its a license based script. Buy a license from them for your domain, just for $166. Another option could be DevQuill HYIP manager.

Thirdly, you have to buy the domain and DDos protected hosting. Domain can be purchased from, And for the DDos protected hosting you can go for DDos Guard, Koddos, OVH etc. Domain price depend on the TLDs or the domain types like .com, .net etc. Price will be around $8 to $20. For the DDos protected hosting you can buy from DDos Guard’s protected hosting which is $50 monthly. If you want to go for a cheaper solution then you can go for OVH’s VPS which is ranged from $12 to $30.

Fourthly, you must have an SSL. This is to secure your website from hackers and any other intruders. It will also build more trust in investors. HYIP is full of cashflows so hackers always target HYIPs to steal money. A SSL will prevent this type of activity and make your website secured and sound.

A company registration is now become a must item for a hyip website. You can get a company certificate without providing you any ID or address proof documents from ENIV ART COMPANY REGISTRATION SERVICE. Moreover, a registered company build more trust into investors. Most cheapest company registration is UK incorporation certificate which you can get for $75 currently. However we also providing Seychelles Company Registration too.

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